Thursday, January 20, 2011

Six Months!

At 6 months I will remember

16 lbs. 12 oz
26 inches long
your pink painted toe nails
those two bottom teeth poking through
your big beautiful curious eyes
that you will smile at anyone...unless they have a camera
your contagious giggles
that you can sit up on your own
how much you hate your carseat
watch out because you grab at EVERYTHING
how you smile when I sing to you
that big brother still holds your finger while you fall asleep in the car
your chubby thighs
the silly faces you make when you try new foods
your sweet little grunts when you're trying to reach something far away
how you close your eyes and sigh as you eat
that you get so upset when I am out of your sight
how you hold onto my hair
how much you are loved

Happy Half Birthday Kohana