Sunday, November 23, 2008

When at Grandmas

This past week my parents ventured to Baja California/Mexico for the 41st Baja 1000. Last year my Dad actually rode in it. How cool is that? They came in 15th place which is awesome considering that the average age of the riders was....well, we'll just say over 40. This year the old guys decided that they had done it once and met a goal of theirs so they decided to just sponsor a team of younger guys. While they're away Den'ja and I have been staying at their house to keep an eye on My youngest brother and my lil sis. Den'ja loves it here and stays so busy which is different for me. He is usually at my feet all day long, but here there is so much room and so many things to play with and get into that he is in Heaven. Of course his favorite thing is the basketball hoop. Apparently it rocks to be able to play basketball indoors. One day Uncle Tyler stopped by and played some b-ball and wrestled with Den'ja. As you can see he had absolutely no fun.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So I'm mad at the Gateway......

***Warning! I'm totally complaining here

Just for your information DO NOT go the the Old Navy there. I went there two seperate times today (long story) and the first time I stood in line for 15 minutes waiting to pay. There was ONE person in front of me trying to make an exchange and only ONE person working the registers. The second time I went in they had two people working the registers and I stood in line for 20 minutes while the person in front of me applied for an Old Navy card. I pride myself on my patience. It's one of my best quailities and even I was getting upset! Not to mention that it's really difficult for a 3 year old and an 18 month old to stand still in line for that long. I'm also mad at the GapKids there. I could barely fit the stroller through the store. I was bumping into displays, racks, and tables of clothes the whole time. It was ridiculous! A children's store should be aware that people with children will probably be coming in. Whew! I feel much better getting that off my chest. I think that I'll try shopping online from now on. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

I can make that!

One of the blogs I like to check out often is Just a Girl. Right now she is hosting and "I can make that!" party. The idea of the party is to share an idea of something that anyone would be able to make themselves and would make a great gift. What a great idea with Christmas coming soon and everyone trying to save money. You should really go check out all the great things people have submitted. Better yet...if you have one to submit I'm sure everyone would love to see!

See her blog by clicking here:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Honey!

Yesterday was my honey's Birthday! He is officially 28 years old now. He started the day with some amazing gifts!! His football boys came over for films and brought him a fabulous cake. A PANcake that is!! Haha. Not to be outdone (those competitive boys) another player brought him a bottle of water. What sweethearts! They are seriously good boys and they crack me up! My gift was a bag of his favorite treat: Nibs licorice. Now I know you're thinking, Geez Joe you really got ripped off! So I have to tell you that he recieved his "real" present from me about a week ago when we went to the Jason Mraz concert!! Yay! We love Mraz, but Joe especially! It was a fantastic concert (despite the weirdos we sat by...wait..were SURROUNDED by) He puts on a great show and his voice is absolutely flawless. I swear when he does his recordings he must be able to have it all done in one take!

Here is where I would insert a picture, but I can't find the cord for our camera...maybe I will add it later.

Then we spent the rest of the day with Joe's Mom and Step-Dad. We had lunch at Olive Garden and then Joe got to pick out his next gift, a new coat. I hope that he had a good day! How could you not when you start it off with pancakes and bottled water!? In honor of the big 2-8 I am posting some random yet wonderful things you may/or may not have know about Joe. I love you millions hon!!

1. Joe has a great singing voice. I love being serenaded on car rides!
2. Joe is supersittious when it comes to sports. He wears his khaki shorts to every football game despite the fact that it is freezing cold outside! Which brings me to number 3.
3. Having Joe around is like having your own portable heater. He is always warm! Having him next to you in bed on cold winter nights is heavenly!
4. Joe promised me when we got married that he would make me laugh everyday. He has been true to his word. He's hillarious.
5. Joe is almost always the one that does the laundry. Love it! (this may be because I'm terrible at getting it done)
6. Joe likes to make up words in the kids' storybooks. I'm sure they are better that way. Den'ja and Maeson love it! Sometimes I will be reading a story and Maeson will say, "That's not how Joe reads it!" Ooops
7. Joe has perfect (or beyond perfect) vision. I truly hope that all our children inherit this from him.
8. Sometimes on his way home from work Joe will stop and get me a nice big Diet Coke! Somehow this always seems to happen on days that I am especially stressed out and it really hits the spot.
9. Joe didn't mind one bit when I wanted to have my cousins little girl come to our home and he loves her and treats her just like he would his own little girl
10. Joe was able to finally get me in the habit of saying my nightly prayers. Before we met I was horrible at it, but since we've been married we haven't missed a night!
11. Joe is a big kid. He skips in the parking lot with Maeson, jumps over puddles with Den'ja, and you can totally find them in any store because they are so loud! :)
12. Even though we are busy and don't have a lot of time, Joe always finds a way for us to spend some time with each other.
13. He is a fantastic Dad! You will never see Den'ja more excited as when his daddy comes home from work. It's my favorite part of the day too!
14. Joe rocks at making up silly songs. We do this in our house daily, and we're both pretty good, but Joe is the best!

Aren't I a lucky girl?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I don't know about you, but between Maeson and I we are always needing ponytail holders. I found this awesome coupon for two bucks off any Goody brand ouchless product. If you print it out and take it to Wal-Mart you can get them for 12 cents! Here is the link to the coupon if you're interested.